Blue Max Média

Blue Max Media is a production company based in France: in Serre Chevalier, Lyon & Bourg Saint Maurice.

Specialize in the creation of TV commercials, documentaries, promotional videos and content for social networks.

We offer a 360° approach covering the entire production process: from initial concept to post-production, we work together, to bring your projects to life. Our favorite playgrounds: sports, outdoor, tourism, automotive & watchmaking.

Our favorite playgrounds: sport, outdoors, tourism, automobiles & watchmaking.

Blue Max Media Production Audiovisuelle Shoot Team

Outdoor specialists

Over 10 years ago, Blue Max Media began its journey in the mountains, at the heart of the Outdoor world, and has never left this playground since. As an integral part of our DNA, Blue Max Media has developed cutting-edge expertise and a unique vision for this diversified world.

At Blue Max Media, we're ready to embrace any challenge and push the boundaries of creativity .

Passionate about sport, travel and all kinds of adventure, we develop, create and produce all over the world. No matter where. We love exploring new creative dimensions and believe in emotion, originality and intensity as powerful vectors for your brand. We like to explore new creative dimensions and believe in emotion, originality and intensity as powerful vectors of memorization of your brand

Redbull x Prada Reshapes Pierre Vaultier BlueMaxMedia

Capter des actions en mouvement

Drône DJI inspire 3


We have more than 10 years of aerial cinematography experience resulted in many award-winning productions filmed worldwide. We can provide all aspects of professional drone photography services and we are used to using all sorts of drones starting from freely alta x to dji inspire 3 and fpv drones.

We are used to using all types of drones from FPV to DJI Inspire 3, we offer you a new vision of the world in motion.


Our Black Arm system is suitable for all your projects on all of our vehicles but also on our electric motorcycle.

As fluid as it is precise, this system is ideal for following a car on a tracking shot as well as your athletes on a track .

Studio Jour Blanc

Jour blanc Studio

We have access to probably the best studio based in the alps “jour blanc studio” in moutiers. Our friend "jour blanc studio" is situated very close to the biggest ski resorts in french alps which makes it simple and fast to shoot both studio and outdoor during one production.  : “Jour Blanc Studio”. Located a few kilometers from the biggest French ski resorts.

Designed for photo and video shooting, it has a creative space of 120 m2 and a shooting platform of 200 m3